At Physio Solutions SA, your program is fully supervised.

Our exercise based rehabilitation programs are individually prescribed specifically for people with acute, recurring or chronic musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Recent and ongoing research continues to demonstrate the vital role of exercise therapy in the management of soft tissue injuries. Our approach and the programs themselves are very well established and demonstrated to be successful.

Physio Solutions SA Physiotherapists are highly skilled in teaching exercise and work closely with you to develop a custom exercise program based on up to date research based evidence on exercise prescription. You are safely guided through your rehabilitation exercises, appropriately prescribed for your condition.

At Physio Solutions SA, your program is fully supervised and explained to you by your Physiotherapist, so you know exactly how, what, when where and why your exercises are important for your rehabilitation and achieving the best results!

All recommended exercises are based on careful musculoskeletal examination by our Physiotherapists.

Our Physiotherapists will identify reduced strength, flexibility and stability to inform your customised rehabilitation program, which typically involves a combination of stretching, strengthening and aerobic exercise.

The aim of your individual program is to reduce your pain levels, as well as your capacity to perform work and enjoy sporting and social activities. Learning to self-manage your condition with ongoing exercises from your custom program, you and your Physiotherapist are able to improve your capacity to perform normal activities, reduce your pain and minimise the risk of recurrence.