Clinical Exercise

Clinical Exercise is a system of exercises based on the principles of Joseph H. Pilates and developed further by DMA (Dance Medicine Australia) as a treatment tool for Physiotherapists.

It improves core stability to help manage and prevent low back and neck pain, enhances postural control, body awareness and flexibility, helps to reduce the risk of pain or re-injury and strengthens and tones the muscles.

Regular Clinical Exercise sessions will benefit people with muscle pain, sports injuries, poor posture, those recovering from surgery, pre & post-natal women and people with no pain or injury whatsoever!

Did you know that Clinical Exercise is covered under most private health funds and can be claimed electronically through HICAPS on-site?

Clinical Pilates in Brighton, Adelaide

We begin our Clinical Exercise sessions with a detailed 30 minute assessment where one of our experienced Physiotherapists will go through your history or injury to develop a customised treatment programme specifically designed to target your problem areas or goals.

Following the initial assessment, we recommend two follow up one-on-one appointments to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and that you are ready to enter into one of the supervised 30 minute group classes.